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Dorna has conceived a methodology based on a participative approach to work, through panels, working groups and periodic meetings aimed to foster a shared use of tools and information. The work methodology of Dorna is valid for all the regions involved in the project and will thus be easily transferred to other regions in the future.

The partnership in designing the work methodology arises from the need to focus the work methods towards the achievement of tangible results, so that the implemented activities entail transferable, satisfactory and exemplary results with an added value at the transnational level, in such a way that such results maximize its territorial dissemination and sustainability in order to perpetuate the positive effects derived from them.

Starting from a very specific objective such as the conservation and recovery of traditional boats, the comprehensive approach enables the articulation of different actions aimed at the cultural protection and promotion of the Atlantic Area, at economic diversification in the involved regions and at environmental protection.

The Dorna actions promote the transfer of knowledge of transnational relevance for the partnership and the regions involved. The benefits and expected results will be correlatively disseminated to facilitate the transfer of best practices throughout the project.

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